Monday, June 08, 2015

Back onto the 330 P4

OK, so I managed to keep up my tradition of having "something" on the table at the Clacton model club even if it was only two little 1/144th scale WWII US Navy aircraft. I am back on the Ferrari now. I have painted the new body, sanded it down and painted it again so the surface is pretty much perfect. Tonight, I am in the throes of putting on the decals so, sometime in the next couple of days I will be able to get the 2 Pack varnish on. Then, I have to put the windows in - and that is where it all went wrong last time! Still, we have time for an up to date report of the current model so here goes.

Well, not quite here goes because I wanted to show you my current 1/24th scale car collection in its regular home. This is a glass cabinet with a mirrored back. I couldn't find an angle that didn't have some of me and the camera imposing but never mind.

You can just see my collection of 1/10th scale busts on the next shelf down. I am running out of space!

Right - here goes for real:

Firstly, the new body

Now a look at the front suspension and radiator

Then the rear of the car

Finally, the cockpit

More news tomorrow when then MicroSol has dried and the decals are firmly down. Microsol is a liquid that "melts" the decals and grips them down to the surface of the model. It helps decals sit into complex curves, etc. Before it sets it quite often makes the decals bubble up which normally causes a state of panic but, usually, it all settles down with a perfect finish. So far, I am placing the large racing number circles so we shall see.

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