Sunday, January 20, 2013

A bit of a hiatus

I am working away on two projects at the moment but they are both gong on hold for while as we are moving apartments this week. The new one has some really great views out over the Ipswich waterfront, the Port of Ipswich and the River Orwell.

This is a panoramic view from our balcony!

We move on Thursday so, as I don't expect to get much modelling done for a while.

Anyway, where am I at the moment?

Hobby Boss Sea Hawk.

As you can see, I have got the cockpit done and installed. The undercarriage bays are also in. I put a good bit of weight in the nose. I have now to fit the rear fuselage and am a bit concerned about the joining line. But we shall see.

Ecto-1A - Yup -it's Ghostbusters time!

I finally got a replacement kit and this time the body was OK. So I am on my way. The body has been painted white and had three brush oats of Klear. I have I joshed the interior and the underside. I have also stripped the chrome and replaced it with Alclad chrome, as usual. Here are some shots.

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