Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back on track

I think I am back up and running. After a few weeks settling into the new apartment and getting used to a new way of life, I now have my modelling desk in operation.

As I still had a trade account, I indulged myself when we closed SBX . I got myself a new extractor unit and a TR0 trigger revolution Iwata airbrush! This is what the desk looks like.

I think that this set up should be very conducive to sitting there modelling. As you can see, I have an extractor unit, a large cutting board, a Daylight light and two drawer units. The top unit is full of paint and Alcad - mostly Vallejo but with some special colours in Lifecolor, Xtracrylix and (avery few) Tamiya. The bottom unit is full of tools and modelling materials such as brass wire, etc. I have a separate stash of glues and masking material and a large stock of Vallejo polyurethane primers. I spent quite a lot on back up materials whilst I could still get a trade discount. For instance, my favourite glue is Plastic Weld which is a highly volatile solvent containing Dichloromethane. Sticks instantly and evaporates almost instantly so you can slosh it on the outside of a model and it never marks anything - just sticks very quickly. I now have 12 bottles! That should last me some time. Plus, things like my favourite primer - Vallejo Black Polyurethane primer - I got in boxes of 6!

I also arranged to get a Sonos 3 speaker network audio unit in the room. This is fed from a central network hub and can play different music from that coming out of the 5 speaker unit in the living room or can be grouped with it to play the same. I now have brilliant access to all of my old jazz plus Internet radio etc.  My trusty Mac Mini is close by for any check up on web information. Plus, I have my stash to work through. I should be the happiest bunny around!

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