Thursday, September 22, 2011

Two topics on the go - a bit of rationalising

As I am now running in and out of the shed to do my airbrushng - SWMBO has moved me out to keep the kitchen tidy! - I am finding that I need something to do between bouts of airbrushing.

I have also been considering formalising my modelling rather than the 'jump around' that it has been over recent years. With no more public outlet - not that I needed that to do the wide variety of topics covered over the last few years, I have decided to go for a theme and stick to it - I then failed at the first hurdle.

Leaving out the 1/48th Eduard Tempest - which was a 'labour of love' - HA! - I have always meant to concentrate on FleetAir Arm models, even to the extent of buying a rather expensive and hard to get book which details all of the FAA aircraft since 1945. So, this is my plan - work on a series of FAA aircraft in 1/72nd. So what do I do first - well I had this 1/72nd Trumpeter EE Lightning F-6 left on the shelf from a failed sale! I have already made the F-2A from this kit so I fancied a bare metal version.  As I say, I was going to stick to a theme.

Here is the aircraft I am modelling: XR753

Still here we are. I have been doing it in between paint trips for the Tempest. I am NOT going to worry about inaccuracies in any kit that I build so every one is to be out of the box. Here are the first pics of the Lightning. Remember that this is 1/72nd and also that it is me - grin.

Future Plans
I am going to go for the theme as stated. The first four models are on their way and will be started once the F-6 is done (oh, and the Tempest - if I don't throw it at the wall first).

Hobby Boss FGA6 Sea Hawk
Trumpeter Fairey Gannet AS Mk.1/4
Ark Models Westland Wessex HAS Mk.1/31
Airfix Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B

I will wait for the new Dragon Sea Vixen rather than tackle a short run MPM or Xtrakit as I know that they will bring out the same feelings as this Eduard Tempest.

I have been shown the Alley Cat Fairey Gannet AEW3 - I know that it is resin with white metal, but one of my friends from the Air Scouts back in the 60s flew (and crashed) one so I may have a go.

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