Sunday, September 25, 2011

So far - so good - Tempest and Lightning coming on well.

Here is the Tempest - still going, you notice. I have sprayed the underneath with Xtracrylix Medium Sea Grey and have masked it all off. The first coat of Ocean Grey on the upper surfaces highlighted an issue with the port wing root so I have had to re-glue and re-fill the area. Here is the current state.

The Lightning is coming on quite well. Everything that's to be aboard is aboard - I have left off anything that might get broken. It is all prepared for its first coat of primer. This will be Vallejo Polyurethane Black as the bulk of the aircraft will be Aluminium natural metal. As you will have seen for the photo on the last post, only the spine and the tail are gloss white. I also need black wings as I will do the trick I learned last time - mask out the do not walk lines on the wings with very thin masking tape over the black - rather than trying to put black decals down and keep them straight.

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