Saturday, December 11, 2010

Two more finished

Here are the two models I talked about a few days ago. They are now done and dusted!


I bet you are sick of hearing about PBJs. Well here is my finished 1/144th Minicraft kit. As I mentioned, I had a 'disaster' in that one of the side gun windows fell into the body of the aircraft leaving me a little short to finish it. I got hold of some 1.5mm clear poly sheet and cut out two new windows (I did two so that they matched).

I had a problem with the guns as the 1/144th moudlings left something to be desired as they were very thick and had lots of flash. Hence, I have replaced all of the guns with some brass rod. These look much more in scale. I came up with an idea to fit the barrels to the side windows. Heat up the rod and let it melt it's way through the plastic. However, this clear poly is very hard so I was only able to get the rod sealed into the panel - not to get it all the way through. Still it looks fine now.

Hey - that's another aircraft finished to a 'reasonable' standard. I must be getting better - grin.

SS Panzer Crewman
Here he is. I am very please with this one. I had some real worries about the camo smock. Mike Grzebian kindly sent me some pictures which helped but in the end I just had to go for it. When I put the original background patches on, it look like a cartoon. I then added the splinter blotches which made it look worse. I then had a brainwave. I took some Tensocrom Oil filter and gently sprayed that all over and - bingo - a toned down result that I think looks the part. You are welcome to differ of course - all criticisms gratefully ignored.

Next Projects

I have the 1/72nd Mosquito on the go - just sprayed the cockpit background colour and have part of the wings put together. I also have another Laser Cut wood kit for a building on my railroad. As usual, progress pictures will appear as and when.


 If you were at all interested, I finished the Shaker Tapestry Cushion and have now started on an even more complicated one. This one is about 30,000 stitches!

The next one is even more. It has a border that I reckon will take 5 evenings to complete a single side = 20 days just to do the border! This is the product shot.

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BOAZ said...

Hi David,
Some really nice work on both the 'winged' thing and the bust,your modelling is progressing in nice steps, showing improvement in your experience and technique.

The tapestry work is beautiful, I dont know how your eyes can stay focused on so many stitches.

Wishing you a happy Christmas and hope that the New Year brings more promise and light, so that you can again increase your trade.


John Murcutt