Friday, November 12, 2010

Russian Sailor finished and Airacobra close.

Well here are some pictures of the Russian Sailor. I hate taking pictures because these figures always look very crude when blown up large, when in real life they look very good. Oh well, trust me.

Eduard Airacobra

Well, it is nearly there. It has been decalled and I now have the undercarriage on it. All that is left to do is as follows:

Fit the U/C doors
Fit the propellor and prop boss.
Fit the canopy (as you can see, it has been lined out)
Sort out adding the doors.
One final coat of matt varnish and that should be it.

BTW, I will make sure I get the order right. Once in the past I fitted the canopy and then sprayed the matt varnish. Not a clever thing to do - grin.

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