Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tales of etched brass - and then onwards

The Bronco A13, as I have mentioned, requires that you use etched brass. Here are some examples.

I am not happy with the fit of some of this and I am going to have to work out how to correct some of the problems I have found and/or made. It's in its box for a while while I get on with some 'modelling' rather than 'struggling'.

Yet another Young Miniatures Figure
Here we go again. This one is the U-Boat crewman. I know I tell everyone that I don't like doing 'German' but these figures always have such character in them. Maybe I always get the one's from the losing time.
I like to do one of these as they can be done in small bits whilst I get on with a bigger project - assuming I can find one that I can finish.

This one I can finish.
Having made a good job of the Shelby Mustang, I was wondering what to do next in the car line when I saw a Shelby Cobra drive down the road in Ipswich a couple of weeks ago. Having agreed with my friend Dan from CT, that I would tackle a couple of the latest Shelby Mustangs, since he was kind enough to send me a Motor Trend magazine which reviewed it, I feel that this is in the theme.
I have sent the chrome sprue off to the 'Mr. Muscle Oven Cleaner' factory to strip the chrome so that I can Alclad everything. I have now primed the rest of the sprues. Well I missed one part which I only saw when taking the photos. see if you can see which part.

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