Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finally - the secret model exposed!

I had been working on something that I kept referring to as 'secret'. the reason is that it was a Christmas present for a friend in Connecticut, USA and he reads this blog so i couldn't feature it until he had received it.

The model is a Revell Shelby Mustang 350. Dan is a big fan of Funny Car dragster racing. Quoting Dan, "The paperwork talks about the "B" class in SCCA racing but these things were all over dragstrips of the '60's. They were referred to as "altered", a racing class that eventually morphed into Funny Car, which is the class I follow today. So, it was a perfect choice"

This is a Revell kit in 1:24th scale. The kit comes with many parts chromed but that chrome effect is too garish for a decent model so I stripped it all off. Mr. Muscle Oven Cleaner does a good job of stripping Chrome and leaving the plastic clean,

Once that was done, I used Alclad lacquers (http://www.alclad2.com/) to respray all of the metal finishes. There is a combination of Steel, Chrome and Aluminium (sorry - Aluminum) used. The clear parts were dipped in Pledge Multi Surface Wax Finish!. This fills in all the little pits in the plastic and makes the glass gleam. For those in the UK, this proves that the new product is functionally the direct equivalent of Johnson's Klear and you should not hesitate to purchase the new product if that is all you can get. It isn't actually clear - it is a little cloudy but this doesn't affect the final finish on the model which is as clear as Klear!

There were no seat belts in the kit so I made up a set of 5 point belts.

I lost the decals for the headlight treatment, which is a criss-cross of black masking tape. So, I did the right thing - I painted some masking tape black and made up the protection in the same way as the original.

Lastly, the whole body was sprayed with Johnson's Future to give it a good gloss finish and then polished.

It then went in a box and got shipped by airmail from Ipswich in the UK to Windsor Locks CT. It seems to have arrived in good condition.

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