Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Pictures but...

My new camera has run out of battery and I can't find the charger...
Photos will follow, eventually!

I am continuing to prove the idea that I can no longer make model aircraft. In an attempt earlier in the year to disprove this theory, I managed to make a good fist of an Israeli F-16b. So, I thought that if I stuck to 1/72 then I might stand a chance. Airfix has just recently released two new spitfire moulds. I liked the PRXIX so had a go. the following is the list of errors:
1. Speaking to Ken Withey - one of my regular customers, I mentioned I was doing this. The subject of PRU blue came up. I mentioned that only a small part of the plane was in that blue and Ken pointed out that I had it wrong - the bulk of the plane was blue with only the wings grey. So back to the airbrush!
2. We had just taken delivery of a new book on modelling techniques which has a lot of talk about panel lines. So I tried their techniques and messed up the fuselage and I managed to rub some of the paint away, in spite of a couple of coats of Johnson's Future/Klear. The wings came up ok though.
3. (And this is the clincher) Whilst painting the canopy, I crushed it so that it split down the middle!

End of story...................

Photos will follow.

I am now working on a secret project - nothing to be seen until after Xmas - and on yet another Native American - this time it is a 120mm Pili Pili casting of a Crow Indian child. Again - photos as soon as I can charge my camera up.

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