Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Polymorph in action

The Polymorph arrived yesterday - at the same time as Aaron turned up with his bag :-) As I didn't know how far it would go, that was not a bad thing. Then I forgot to bring it home! Thus, I worked on the rest of the items - I put the life belts in the LCM and used super-glue and MIG earth to simulate puddles in the boat. There is a duffle coated sailor in the wheel house  (courtesy of Hecker & Goros). I also put some decals on the Sherman (did I mention the Sherman? No? Well that's another Amourfast kit).

I did get a length of transparent sprue - thanks to George, Kev and Chris.

Now tonight, I cut up one side of Lifecolor paint rack - for some reason they sent us 5 sides when we needed 3! The Polymorph melts quite well and then I rolled it out. I did it in small sections - the first two had to fit around the LCM to look as though it was in the water. I then used corrugated cardboard to make the beach. Once everything was in place in small bits, I used a hair dryer to melt it all into one. See the pictures.

We move on. Tomorrow I will cut it to final shape and put some Vallejo water on it - before that I will put some Games Workshop sand down. Then we have to get some tank obstacles and barbed wire - then we have to get it all together - all before Monday evening - oh well!

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