Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Land sea and air done - dusted - trying to forget:-)

I got it finished sometime Monday afternoon. To see the final diorama go to
My Diorama Page
I took it to Colchester and came 2nd to last with it. The first comment I got was "Those D-Day stripes are wrong!" A few more batters like that and I decided I had enjoyed making it so they could...

What made me laugh was the two major errors in the setting.
1. The Firefly could not have come from the LCM as there wasn't enough room for it to get between the life belts.
2. (Biggest sin of all) - the barbed wire was 1/35th scale - so the laugh was on them.

(I am trying to be intentionally silly here so don't take me seriously)

What horrified me was the cost. I think the whole thing cost around £65 to make. I did, however, use some new materials and learn some new techniques. The polymorph and Alclad have both added to my knowledge and skills.

If you want to see it before it appears at Ipswich IPMS next month, it is in the shop now.

Back to Normal - the Xmas kit lucky dip
Every one brings a kit wrapped and every one gets a number. Numbers are drawn and you choose a box (not your own of course). With my good luck still running, I was the last number out of the hat from 13 and saw all the interesting boxes go. What was left looked like last years 'bad' joke by Jan - an Airfix bi-plane - so I could see an 'interesting' Christmas. As it was the last I had to take it and - blessing - it turned out to be an Metal Modeles 54mm Napoleonic Polish Lancer of the Guard - bought from my shop, no less! As one of my Xmas presents is the new Andrea FAQ for Figures, I am looking forward to doing something I haven't tried for 30 years. That's how long since I made a 54mmNapoleonic figure. I will keep you informed.

Ipswich Quiz Night
I went along thinking it was going to be totally prototype oriented, and although I did represent the London Air Scouts at the All England Aircraft Recognition Competition - circa 1961/2, I felt that I would do badly. As it was, it was more general knowledge so I held my end up in our team of three - Kev Baxter, Bob James and me. When it came to the photo round, courtesy of Mike Grzebien - well done Mike - I was useless but Kev was brilliant on aircraft and Bob had the armour sussed. We won, no real thanks to me so we got prizes - I guessed mine as a box of Maltesers - and was right - so there! A good night all round. I did win on the raffle but a freeDragon Panzer II didn't excite, so I put it back and Dom promptly won it - out of two winning tickets. Kev announced that the January club dinner was to take place on 19th January and the club will pay for the evening! Its Valerie's birthday (my wife) on that day so no free dinner for me :-(

You know, some weeks, I am glad to be me!

Oh, and if I don't see you, have a good Christmas and a great modeling new year.

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