Sunday, March 20, 2016

I am doing things!

But just not writing about them. I moved at the end of January and started  a new course at the Open University at the same time so modelling has been an "as and when" activity for the last month.

I have three projects on the go at the moment and seem likely to dump one of them.

The first project is the "Vietnam Scooter". This is the Eduard limited edition that I bought with such enthusiasm last year. It was at decalling stage at the Wivenhoe show but since then it has languished a bit, for some good reasons. Here it is in its current state. It has all of the stencils and markings and the overall paint job is done. I need to touch up the undercarriage. But:

If you look carefully, the stars and bars are put on incorrectly. They should be lined up with the airbrakes but I didn't realise that until a few weeks afterwards. Also, there are two stencils that show where a lift hook can be attached on this visible starboard side.  Here is a close up:

They are different ways up. They should both be as the one on the right. I can put up with a lot in a model in that I don't go for absolute accuracy, for instance, but when there is a glaring error, I get upset. I think that this one is for the bin, unless I can steel myself to finish it and put it at the back of the shelf.

The second project is a Hasegawa B-25 Mitchell which I am doing up in Dutch RAF colours. This means Dark Olive Drab over Neutral Grey, D-Day stripes with RAF roundels and Codes. I really wanted a dark green/dark brown over black set up but couldn't find the right decals. It has gone slowly and, so far it is in good shape. I forgot to take early photos so here is the first available image.

I am back using my brilliant Iwata HP-CH after messing around with the little Neo. I can't think why I used the Neo unless it was because I could take the cup off and put just a tiny amount of paint is so the cleaning up was quick. The Iwata sprays brilliantly. I did have a moan at Southern Expo when buying some new stocks of masking tape that they should make 8mm wide as well as 6mm & 10mm as 8mm = 24" in 1/72 which is the width of D-Day stripes! I had to trim all of the masking down from 10mm tape.

(secret admission - the Mitchell I have is the wrong one for the markings but as I only have one Mitchell and one set of markings...).

My last ongoing project is a T-28C Trojan. This is part of my  US Navy Trainers display and is the Sword boxing. 

I have been working on the cockpit. I spent a lot of time on Thursday painting the cockpit (under my magnifying light) only to find, today, that there are decals on the sheet. I have scraped all the surfaces and put these on. 

More to come. Keep checking. I will not give up on modelling or my blog.

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