Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Next project - harder than I imagined!

I have a Fly kit of an A.W. Whitley c1942. I also have a set of BOAC decals for it.  BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corp.) used to fly these from Leuchars in Scotland out to Sweden. As Sweden was neutral, they would have impounded any military aircraft so we had to send civil registered aircraft with civilian crews. Until we had a decent stock of Lockheed Hudsons and, eventually, D.H. Mosquitos, we used aged Whitleys. They couldn't fly above the flak and couldn't outrun German fighters but, amazingly, none were lost.

The problem arises because the kit had three gun positions. These were faired over on the civilian versions. This is going to be interesting. I'm using DAS clay to make the changes.

Here is where I have got to. The DAS needs to dry and set overnight.

Tomorrow, I will start carving it to shape. No doubt it will need a good dose of filler as well!

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Jagewa said...

David, a very interesting project, what a flight that must have been a Whitley to Sweden.

How has the DAS worked out?