Sunday, February 19, 2012

At Last I can Come Clean

So you all think I have been quiet - well I haven't really. I was just unable to talk about it!

As you may know, I have a very good friend in Windsor Locks Connecticut whith whom I exchange Xmas gifs each year. This year he sent me a superb Harley Davidson T-Shirt (and if you have used the shop, you will know that these are my favourite garb in the summer) and some carefully prepared hardwood for me to make a jig-doll(see my other hobbies blog).

Oer the last few years I have tried to make him a model which he would like. The first year i sent him a 12cm high resin model of an Apache Scout from the Indian Wars of the 1800s.  The last two years have seen a bit of a theme. Firstly I sent him a Ford Shelby Mustang - Bullit style from the '60s like this one:

Then I sent him a Shelby/AC Cobra like this:

Both of these were Revell kits in 1/25th scale. Some time ago, he sent me a copy of Motor Trend magazine showing me his favourite car. the big reveiw in the magazine was of the latest Ford/Shelby Mustang 500 in White with blue stripes like this:

That made the choice of his next present easy as Revell make a kit of this as well.

That was the start of a marathon run. See my next blog entry for details

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