Saturday, June 18, 2011

At last some action - only in 1/144th though

I decided that I had to get down to some scale modelling again. It seems that the model railroad and not going to the club have both pulled my interest away for some time.

I had a good time doing the 1/144th Mitchell so I thought I would have a go at some more in that scale.

I chose the Dragon A-6E Intruder - mostly because I enjoyed making one many years ago and becase you get 2 kits in the box!

I put some tiny lead shot in the nose and then couldn't get it to close up completely - hence the filler.

Check out the cutting mat. Those grid lines ar 10mm apart (less than 1/2 inch for our American friends) so that shows how small it is. I will do one at a time but then put them on a diorama consisting of a tarmac hard stand but with lots of sand blown over - just as I remember the Middle East from my many visits.

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