Monday, March 14, 2011

Advancing on two fronts - not always recommended

But this time - OK.

IPMS Ipswich Airfix Series 2 Contender

Here is my Airfix 1/76th Bofors gun - work in progress but not far off. This is a tiny thing and has lots of little parts. It is not quite as complex as the IBG Chevy truck that we did for the 6 hour build but it is close. I have done the top coat of paint and then misted some Lifecolor White Oxide over to fade it all out. Next step is to add some washes and then it will get a copious amount of MIG Sand pigment.

I have the four figures to paint as well but they shouldn't take long. It will be a squeeze because I am getting really involved in the other modelling project - see below - and I have a one day seminar coming up for my concertina playing so I am practising the music for that as well. Never a dull moment, as they say.

Revell Ford Mustang.

(double click on the pictures to get a larger image in a new window)

This is coming on really well. I love the new Vallejo primers - especially the black one which has worked brilliantly here. I have used it as an undercoat for all the Alclad and also as a finish coat for those bits that need to be black. The wheels have been coated in Alclad chrome so they look great.

As always, with a car, the real issue is the quality of the paint job on the body but that is yet to come so I have plenty of scope more messing this one up!

That's all for now.


Paul´s Bods said...

I like the bofors gun...

BOAZ said...

Looking good on the Bofors and wagon there David. I built that many years ago and remembering the size of some of the components, I am not sure that my eyes could go with that scale nowadays.