Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nearly there with the Thunderstreak

I had to mask up the F-84 after Alclad and found that the masking took the alclad straight off! Hence I rubbed the aircraft down and gave it a couple of coats of Vallejo steel. It now looks fine to my mind (no uneven areas and no rotten smell!). I will have to give Alclad another try sometime.

I have moved on to the decals to find that they are quite think. They do respond quite well to Microsol/Set and bedded down fine after a time. I had some trouble with the one at the back of the fuselage and in fact I am not happy with that at all.

I hope to finish the F-84 by the end of Sunday as I am being nagged to get back to the Morser. Plus I have the 1/12th Maclaren sitting there glaring at me!

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