Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good result for the Lancer - then onwards

I finished the Lancer and took it to Colchester on Monday. Much to my amazement, it came 3rd! Sonia Maes did a great job on the old Airfix Draken she received, and - in spite of complaining about how dreadful it was - how she didn't ever - ever - ever want to do an aircraft again - how she tried airbrushing and didn't like it - she won the competition - so well done Sonia. To see all of the entries check out North Essex Modellers

Meanwhile, for me, it is back to the Revell Scout car that Valerie gave me for Xmas. I am finding some of the detail in the suspension and transmission is very poor and the instructions don't really help in placing any individual part, so I am constantly recovering from earlier mis-installs. However, the upper detail seems to be quite good. I am some way from finishing so it won't make Ipswich this week.

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