Thursday, September 21, 2006

OK so this is my first attempt at blogging. As mentioned in my profile, I am an active modeller. Over the last five years I have probably averaged a completion rate of around 2/3 models per year. I am now actively trying to improve this so have made a simple decision. I will take a newly completed model to both of the clubs I attend - each month. To achieve this, I have to limit each model to an OOB relatively uncomplicated topic. Typical projects of late have included a 1/144th Dragon Karl Morser, a 1/72nd Hasegawa Karl Morser, a pair of Armourfast 1/72nd Bastogne whitewashed Shermans. I am currently working on 1/144th Sweet RAF ASR Sea King.
However, as I have been in the USA all this week and the Ipswich Club meets next Tuesday I might not get it finished in time.

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