Thursday, June 06, 2013

Finally, finally, finally, I have finished a model!

Yes, Ghostbusters are GO! Valerie bought me this kit for Christmas. The first box arrived and when I opened it on Christmas Day, the insides were packed so tight that the roof of the body had been crushed downwards. A quick call to Creative Models - speaking to my old mate Richard - got another box off in the post.

It is an old kit but for all that it goes together very well. The decals have been re-printed so there is no trouble with getting these to settle OK. The biggest problems are that it is a car, so the bodywork has to be top notch, and it is painted white! My method of managing a car is to paint it with matt paint and then give it about 6 coats of Klear applied with a brush. That way, you get a deep gloss and no brush marks. Being white, I used Vallejo's white polyurethane primer which is absolutely brilliant.

I did my usual with the chrome and stripped it all off to be replaced with Alclad.

So, what went wrong - something always does? Nothing too bad except that some glue ran down the bodywork inside what gluing up the chassis. It proceeded to run over one of the windows so there is that which can be seen. I used superglue to fix the spot lights on the roof the first time and then broke one off so a bit of the white paint got pulled away. I lost an inside of one of the wheels, plus one of the bullet ends to the tail lights pinged away. Fortunately, I had the second box so I pinched these two items from there.

Anyway, this is what it looks like.

The sticker in the back window says "I Love Model Cars". This is an addition that is NOT on the original. Overall, I enjoyed making it. It was a simple kit and there was little that was difficult or awkward. My next project is going to be a 1/144th scale Ju52 in North Afrika camo. Should be fun.

Don't forget, you can click on any image and see a bigger one.

I hope it won't be so long next time before I post a blog entry.


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Jagewa said...

Who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters! doo doo doo.

What a fantastic come back, a very smart and fun looking subject David, bravo.